Garage Sale Bargain

Sometimes the best place to find a bargain is a garage sale.  And the best garage sales can be estate sales.  There is usually more furniture and sellers are looking to get rid of it because they don’t have room to put it in their own house.

On my run this morning, I passed one of these garage sales and decided to stop by once I finished running.  What I found was this really neat buffet table.

Buffet 007

As you can see it looks to be priced for $125, but what you cannot see is that the price is marked though and repriced for $75.  Now one of the first rules for garage sales, is that you never pay the marked price.  You always try a get the seller to go lower.  So just as my mom taught me, I asked the lady what was the best price she could sell it for.  And her response…

I can give it to you for $60!

So immediately I texted my mom and she told me I should definitely get it.  After a quick trip to the bank, I returned to the garage sale and loaded up my find.

Buffet 004

I gave the buffet a quick cleaning to get the dirt off and then found a place for it in my home.  I placed it in my kitchen behind my table.  I am sure it will get moved around a bit but for right now I think this will be its home.

Buffet 003Buffet 002

Of course, I am not going to leave the buffet in it’s current shape.  Eventually I will sand it down and refinish it.

Now for the fun part; figuring out what color(s) to paint it.