Burlap Tree Skirt

I love the classic look of a burlap tree skirt, but most of the tree skirts I found in the stores were more than I wanted to pay.  They can range anywhere from $20 to even $50.  So I found a cheaper way.

While shopping at Hobby Lobby, I found this burlap gift bag for only $7 and got an idea.  I figured that I could use the bag to make a tree skirt of my own.

Tree Skirt 004

I folded the bag in half and then cut out a pie shape piece (see below).  I also cut a small piece out on the corner in order to create a hole for the tree.

Tree Skirt 002

I was not sure how this was going to turn out, but had planned on sewing the four corner pieces together to make the tree skirt.  Turns out that when I unfolded the piece, it was already the shape I needed.  I did not plan it this way, but it worked out and saved me some time.  In order to make this happen, you just have cut along the folds.

Tree Skirt 001

Finally, I cut a slit down the tree skirt so that it could go around the tree.  I did not do anything to finish off the edges or to prevent it from unraveling, but will probably do something in the future.

Tree Skirt 003

Christmas Candle Holders

Christmas Crafting continues with these quick and easy candle holders made from recycled wine bottles.  I used red acrylic paint to paint the entire bottle red and then used a puff-paint pen to draw on the snowflakes.  The snowflakes aren’t perfect, but that’s okay since every snowflake is different.




Finally, I added the gold candles to make them look more elegant. I also plan to use a clear, glossy finish spray to give the candle holders some shine and preserve them a bit.


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