Goodbye Carrollton


As the sun sets on my last night in Carrollton, GA, I can’t help but to be riddled with emotions.  It’s bitter sweet.  I have grown to love this small town over the years, but a new adventure awaits.

Carrollton and I didn’t always get along when I first moved here.  I was a young twenty-something just out of college and ready to take on the world! So you might ask, “Why Carrollton?”  It didn’t really seem like the logical choice for a young, single girl like me.  It is a small city located about an hour west of Atlanta and is geared towards families and kids.  It was pretty much a mix between a suburb and a rural town.  Definitely not this city girl’s first choice. But I received a job offer from a company called Southwire that I just couldn’t turn down. The job had a ton of potential and they were giving me a chance to work a in project development, something I’ve grown to love.  I could have lived in Atlanta and commuted or another city closer in, but I hate long commutes.  So I found myself an adorable townhouse and moved to Carrollton.

At first it wasn’t so bad.  It was an adventure, and a new place to explore.  But after a month of living here, I soon found out that I didn’t quite belong.  I felt like I was the only twenty-something for miles.  I couldn’t even tell you the number of “Bless your heart, You’re single and moved to Carrollton?” that I got. (In case your not from the South, “Bless your heart” is not a good thing.)  Yes, the first few months in this town were hard.  I missed my college friends in the city and I missed my city life.  I missed having shopping close by and my favorite restaurants, but most of all I missed the community I had.

Slowing as time went on, I started to build a community here in Carrollton.  I made friends at church and got to know my co-workers.  (It’s pretty easy in a small town where your worlds seem to all overlap.)  I began to get involved in community organizations and started making connections all over town.  Before I knew it, it seemed like I was a local.  I even bought a house here and put down some roots.  Carrollton became my home.


Through the years, Carrollton has changed a lot.  We now have a Greenbelt, a disc golf course, a yoga studio (That’s top notch!), several more restaurants, and an outdoor amphitheater. I guess you could say Carrollton has come along way in these past five years I’ve lived here, but one thing remains the same – the people.  Carrollton is filled some pretty amazing people and I am so blessed to have meet them.  I will miss all of my friends here, but I know that whenever I come back, I will be coming back to familiar faces and open arms.


Now for the next chapter in the story… As I say goodbye to Carrollton, I am saying hello to Birmingham, AL!  A few months ago, I started applying to jobs in Birmingham because my boyfriend lives there. (That’s a whole other story for another time.)  Well, I was lucky enough to find a job just as amazing as the one I had at Southwire. I will be forever grateful to the mentors I had at Southwire and all those who poured into me while I was there.  I learned so much and have so many life lessons to take with me.  In the same way, Carrollton itself has taught me a few life lessons.  I feel like I was really able to grown up and learn how to be an adult here.  Carrollton gave me my first start in adult life and now it’s time to move to the big city. (Well, a city bigger than Carrollton.)

Goodbye, Carrollton!  I’ll see you later!



2 thoughts on “Goodbye Carrollton

  1. Life for you, Em, has always been an adventure that you have been able to tackle. Your new adventure sounds exciting, challenging, and rewarding. As you continue to trust the Lord for His guidance we are confident He Who has begun a good work in you will continue to work out His good pleasure! GO GIRL !!! . . . AND AS YOU GO, KNOW YOU ARE IN OUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYER !!!
    We love you, Maw Maw & Paw Paw !!!

  2. Blessings on your new job and your relationship. I and our class loved our little Emily! I pray only God’s best for you in your future! You are a wonderful young woman.

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