Scarves Galore!!!

It’s no secret that Fall is my favorite season! I just love the colors of the season, the colder temperatures, and of course the clothes.  If your know me even just a little bit, you know how much I love a good scarf, and with so many cute scarves out there, my collect can get a little bit out of control.

Scarf Rack 015

So what’s a girl to do?  So many scarves and no good way to store them.  If you search for scarf storing solutions on Google or Pinterest, you will find any thing from hangers made specifically for scarves to a refurbished ladder to show them off. Well, after much searching, my mother came up with a perfect solution.

She found this towel rack at a garage sale for $5.

Scarf Rack 002

Scarf Rack 001

Yep, that’s right only $5.  So then the next step was to paint it a color that matched my room a bit better, although I did kind of like the mauve pink color. I ended up finding this cool metallic spray paint that did just the trick.

Scarf Rack 003

Next I spray painted the towel rack and let it dry for a few days to avoid getting any paint on my scarves.

Scarf Rack 008

Scarf Rack 004

Finally, once the towel rack was dry, I put it in my closet and arranged my scarves on it. (In rainbow order of course)

Scarf Rack 009

Scarf Rack 013

Scarf Rack 014

So for less that $10 and a little bit of luck, I found a great solution for my scarf obsession.  I think I might even have room to add a few more .


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