Fall has Arrived!!!

Now that Fall has officially arrived, here is a quick and easy Fall craft idea to decorate your house for the season! I know that for most people Christmas is there favorite time of year, but for me, my favorite season is Fall.  So much so that I decorate my house for Fall almost as much as Christmas. So get out your crafting supplies and get into the Fall spirit!


  • 4 Empty Wine Bottles
  • Masking Tape
  • Paint and Paint Brushes
  • Flowers (Fake or Real)

To begin with, you will need to obtain four empty wine bottles.  You may have these laying around the house, but if not, check out a local recycling place, ask a few friends or co-workers if they have any, or just go dumpster diving in your neighbor’s trash.  However you get them, the first thing you are going to need to do is get the label off.  This can be difficult and does take a little bit of time depending on the label.  The method I use is to soak the bottles in warm water and then scrap the label off with a little help from Goo-gone.

Fall Decorations 017

Next, you are ready to get creative! I decided on horizontal and vertical stripes for mine, but your can do any design you want.  I also choose an autumn orange with touches of gold for my colors. I started by using masking tape to put on the lines.  (Feel free to free hand your design if you are a better artist than I am.)

Fall Decorations 016

Next I started with the gold paint and painted in the lines.

Fall Decorations 015

Once the paint had dried, I took off the masking tape and filled in the remained of the space with the orange paint.

Fall Decorations 013

The last step is to paint on the letters “FALL”.  Now these I did free hand since it takes the least amount of time and the letters didn’t have to be perfect.

Fall Decorations 006

You will noticed that I decided later that I liked the look of the horizontal lines better so I painted over the vertical lines. I also added some flowers to complete the look.  I used fake ones to avoid having to replace real over time, but put a little water in the bottles and real flowers would work just the same.

Fall Decorations 004

Fall Decorations 005

If your looking for more Fall crafts check out my post on how the make the candle holders above.  Warning: You may have to do some more dumpster diving to obtain a few more wine bottles.


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