Toe Meets Leather

It’s football season and Fall is on it’s way! This is by far my favorite time of the year.  The weather is amazing, the trees begin to change, the scarfs and boots begin to come out, and most of all football season begins.  A sport that is so much more than just a game.  It’s a sport that brings people together.  Whether its old friends that come together to cheer on their favorite team or long time rivals that come together for some good old fashion hate or parents passing down the love for their favorite team to their kids; football brings people together.

No matter what team you cheer for here is a great Saturday afternoon craft to make to show your team spirit! So grab your craft supplies, turn on a football game and get crafting!

Now of course, I made a Georgia Tech one, but you really could make this football door hanger for any team, even if its that team up in Athens. (THWg!)

Football Wreath 023


  • 2 Yards of Burlap
  • Chalk to Trace Football
  • Scissors
  • Carbon Paper
  • Printout of Team Logo
  • Paint in Team Colors
  • Thread
  • Ribbon for Bow
  • Wire to Hang It
  • Hot Glue Gun

After you have gathered all of your supplies, the first step is to cut out the footballs.  Fold your burlap in half so that you get two footballs that are the same shape and size. (You will need one from the front to paint and one for the back.) I started measuring out the two axes 30 in. by 18 in.  Then free-handed the outline of the football with chalk.

Football Wreath 001

Next, pick out the design/logo that you want on the football and print it off.  I chose the traditional Georgia Tech logo and one of our sayings, “Up with the White and Gold.”

Football Wreath 003

Now this is where your carbon copy paper come in handy.  I don’t know about you, but I always wonder how people get such perfect lettering on everything.  I just always assumed that they were more talented than me until I discovered the trick of carbon copy paper.  Just lay the carbon copy paper (black side down) on the burlap, then lay the design you printed out on top of it. Finally, just trace the design with a pen or pencil. When you lift up the carbon paper, the design should appear.

Football Wreath 004

Now all you have to do is to paint inside the lines! I used a basic white paint and a metallic gold.

Football Wreath 005

Football Wreath 006

And don’t forget to add the stripes on either end of the football.  I just free handed those.

Football Wreath 007

Once the paint dries, you can begin to construct the door hanger. Place the front and back together and begin to whip stitch the two sides together using a a fairly heavy thread.  I choose a thread that was somewhat like twine to stick with the burlap theme.  It would have also looked good with white embroidery thread. Stitch around the entire football, but leave a 3-4 in. opening to add the filling.

Football Wreath 009

Now fill the football with scrap fabric or stuffing in order to give the football a 3D look.  I used some of the left over burlap from cutting out the football.

Football Wreath 011

Finally, close up the opening and you are almost done.  In order to make a hanger for the football, I wrapped ribbon around wire.  I used white ribbon for the the first layer and then added a glittery gold ribbon for the second layer. I just used hot glue to hold it all together.

Football Wreath 014

Football Wreath 017

Then I attached the wire to the backside using hot glue.

Football Wreath 018

The last thing to do is to add your finishing touches.  I made a bow to go on mine, but get creative! There are a ton of possibilities!

Football Wreath 020

And the final product!!

Football Wreath 023

Go Jackets!!


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