I am finally getting around to posting about my trip to Thailand.  I have been meaning to post about my trip for awhile now, but keep finding excuses not to do it.  Anyways, I think this turned out to be the perfect weekend to post about it since it is Easter Sunday.  The Sunday we remember what Christ did for us by dying on the cross and then how he overcame death by rising from the grave. We are reminded of how we are to share this good news with the people around us and let everyone know that our God lives! It’s funny how God uses our weaknesses such as procrastination and laziness for His glory.

Thailand 01

This last October, I had the amazing opportunity to go on a mission trip to the beautiful country of Thailand!  I will start with the first question that I get from most people.  Why Thailand?  To answer that question, I will start from the beginning.  About this time last year, I  felt the desire to go on an international mission trip, but I didn’t know where or how I would go.  I began asking friends who had gone on mission trips about some of the organizations they went with.  One of my close friends from college introduced me to an organization called e3 Partners.  They are a Christian organization that partners with churches around the world to share the Gospel and make disciples.  Their motto is Equip, Evangelize, Establish. Their mission is to equip God’ s people to evangelize His world and establish His church.  After looking into the organization and the work they do, I decided to find a trip focused on sports.  I played soccer in high school and love just about everything that has to do with sports.  I just thought how cool would it be to  get to use my passion for sports to share the Gospel half way around the world?

Thailand 02

I looked at a few different trips and finally landed on one to Chiang Mai, Thailand. The second question I always get asked is did you know anyone who you went with?  The answer to that one is simple no.  I meet each of my team members for the first time at the airport as we left for the trip. We did however have several conference calls prior to the trip to discuss travel arrangements and what we would do while in Thailand.

Thailand 030

Finally, the next question I usually get asked is what did you do in Thailand? This question takes a lot longer to answer.  In short, we traveled to a village about 3 hours north of Chiang Mai and worked with a local church to share the Gospel with neighboring villages. In the mornings, we put on a soccer camp for some of the local teams, and then in the afternoon, we would go visit the homes of the players and other people in the villages.  We worked with a missionary family, the Jessen’s, who have lived in Thailand for over 4 years and have an amazing ministry that works with disciplining local churches, preventing human trafficking, and working with the victims of human trafficking. This is a very simplified version of what we did, but don’t worry there are a ton of Thailand posts coming with a lot more details than this.  I just didn’t want to overwhelm you with everything all at once.  Over the coming weeks I will be sharing different stories about the trip and telling you about all the people we were able to meet.

Thailand 379

This trip really was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am so thankful that I was able to go.  It was a trip that challenged me and changed the way I think about life and how I view my faith. I can’t wait to share in detail all about my trip.  You can find a link to all the posts about Thailand below:

Thailand: Land of Smiles

Emails from Thailand

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The Harvest is Plenty

Also here are some websites to check out to find out more about e3, Thailand, and the Jessen’s.


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