Bye, Bye 2014. Hello 2015!!

New Year's

New Year’s. It is probably my favorite holiday out of the year.  Not just because you get to stay up really late and party with friends, but because it is the start of a new beginning; a clean slate.  I will be the first to admit that I did not keep any of my New Year’s resolutions from last year. In 2014, I had planned to lose weight, get in better shape, read more, and most of all blog more.  Well, I gained a good bit of weight at the beginning of the year and then made a change to be healthier. I read a few books. And I blogged once a week for the first few months but then got busy and did it less and less.  So yes, this year has not been a total loss, but there are still things that I would like to improve on.

That is the great thing about New Year’s, it is the perfect time to make a change.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t make a change at other times during the year.  There is just something magical about starting a new year differently than the last.  There is that feeling of a clean slate at the beginning of year, a chance to improve and make a change for the better. I have lots of plans for this new year. I plan to run another half marathon, I plan on traveling oversees again, I plan on writing about my trip to Thailand this past year, I plan on budgeting my money, I plan on reading more, I plan on reading through the Bible, I plan on giving back to my community, and I plan on getting my house organized!

Okay, so this is probably a little bit of an ambitious list, but I think it is better to shoot for the moon. If I fail, at least I’ll land in the stars! Having lofty goals is good; I just have to avoid getting down on myself when I don’t meet up to my expectations.  This is something I am trying to learn.  I am the person that always expects everything to be perfect, and when I don’t live up to my own expectations, I get upset with myself.  This not only affects me, but those around me. This is one reason I started this blog: to document my journey in learning to make the most out of an imperfect life.

Life will never be perfect.  I find something quite comforting in knowing that.  Knowing that no matter how much I strive, I will never be perfect. Okay, so that does not sound so encouraging, but the encouraging thing is knowing that I do not have to be perfect and nobody expects me to be perfect. But at the same time though, I get to be perfect.  Though the love of God, He forgives us of all of the wrongs we have done in the past when we make the decision to follow Him and to live according to what He says. Even though I continue to sometime slip up and do wrong, He wipes the slate clean everyday.  Every day I get to wake up knowing that it is a new day and another opportunity to do something good and to love others. Yes, some days I most certainly fail in this, but at the end of the day I am reminded that it is okay not to be perfect. We just have to continually strive to be better.  I know that I cannot do this one my own.  I do this only by relying on God to give me the motivation and desire to love Him and to love others.

So as we go into a new year, make some New Year’s resolutions of your own, but always know that when you fail (as most of us will), don’t give up.  Keep on striving to live the best imperfect life you can live.  Find joy in the imperfections and be grateful for the things in your life that are well perfect.


2 thoughts on “Bye, Bye 2014. Hello 2015!!

  1. How am I just now seeing this?! Anyway, you were a BALLER in 2014, and I expect nothing less from you this year. You look great – scratch that, HOT; you are so committed and loyal and put so much QUALITY work in everything you do; and you’re a great friend to top it all off. None of us are great at keeping to our schedules – even the best list makers – but I hope I can be there to encourage you to keep you on your path and to have a little fun along the way. 🙂 Also, check out: – I think you would LOVE it. It’s something I’ve been looking at recently.

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