First Year

It is hard to believe, but I have been in my house for a year now.  You might remember this time last year when I posed about the steps to buying a house.  Well it has been a year since then and what a good year it has been.  I haven’t made any huge changes to the house since I bought it, but I did do a lot of decorating.  So since I have not posted many pictures of the house, I figured I would give y’all a quick house tour.

First a little history.  My house was built in 1940, but has since been remodeled.  I bought the house from a contractor who bought it and completely updated it inside and out.  I feel so lucky to have found this house.  I got the best of both worlds.  An older home with lots of character and a newer home with updated style.

1 Year Update 048

One of the first projects I did was to add numbers to the mail box.  These are very simple to do.  You can just pick them up from your local hardware store.

1 Year Update 047


1 Year Update 046

The first thing you see when you walk into my house is the bookshelf that I built.  I just love how it turned out!

1 Year Update 045

The living room is to the left.  I am currently working on a few pieces to hang on the wall with the TV.  More to come on that later.

1 Year Update 044

1 Year Update 042

1 Year Update 039

1 Year Update 037

Next is the dinning room.  I love how the space is open.  The owner before me took down the wall between the living and dinning room to open it up.

1 Year Update 033

Everything is decorated for Fall!!  My favorite season!

1 Year Update 030

Attached to the dinning room is the Kitchen.  It is not the largest, but it is just enough space for me.

1 Year Update 027

You’ll notice the stool that I built a while back.

1 Year Update 026

Also, I had to get creative on where I put Bernoulli’s food.  The island worked out perfect and now I don’t trip over his bowls.

1 Year Update 001

Here’s a shot of the giant backyard.  Bernoulli loves spending time out there and running around.  I have also added lights to the back deck and built some outdoor seating. (I’ll post about how I built the lounge chairs later.)

1 Year Update 025

Off of the living room is the first guest bedroom.  This room just came together on its own.  I picked the wall color originally thinking this was going to be the craft room.  When I decided to change it to the guest bedroom, I decided to use one of my quilts from college for the bed and a 20+ year old chair from my parents house.  I would never have put these colors together on my own, but they just work.

1 Year Update 024

1 Year Update 023

If you go down the hallway, there you’ll find the guest bathroom.  I didn’t do anything to this bathroom except hang some pictures and put up a shower curtain.  I didn’t even paint it.

1 Year Update 020

This is one of my favorite painting that I did in college.  Such a true statement!

1 Year Update 019

At the end of the hallway is my master bedroom.

1 Year Update 017

This is one of the largest bedrooms I have ever seen.  Most people are shocked when they see it.  It extends almost the entire length of the house.  To the left, I have an office and workout area.

1 Year Update 016

The window memo board is on the bookshelf in the back.

1 Year Update 015

1 Year Update 013

On the right is my closet and dresser.  My bed sits in the middle of the room to divide it up.  This isn’t how I originally had my room laid out, but I got the urge one day to change things up.  I proceeded to spend an entire Friday night rearranging the room.  Yes I know it sounds like I don’t have a social life, but it is not every Friday night that I decided to do this.

1 Year Update 012

You can see the necklace bulletin board that I made.

1 Year Update 011

Probably one of my favorite parts of my house, my huge closet.

1 Year Update 008

The master bathroom has a garden tub. Eventually I want to get a metal wall hanging to put over the tub.  That wall definitely needs some kind of art work.

1 Year Update 007

1 Year Update 006

I like to use baskets to store stuff.  It gives you more counter space and makes it look less cluttered.

1 Year Update 005

Finally, there is the craft room located off of the hallway.  This is the room that is the least done.  My plan is to build a high, work table to go in the middle and to have a desk along the wall for the sewing machine.

1 Year Update 004

I am also using this room to store a lot of the decorations and art work that I just haven’t found a place for yet.

1 Year Update 003

Well, that is my house.  I feel so lucky  to have found it. It is the perfect house for Bernoulli and me.

1 Year Update 048


2 thoughts on “First Year

  1. I loved reading this post. So crazy to think you have been a homeowner for ONE ENTIRE YEAR! You’ve done a lot of great work to the space and have shared it graciously with others! ❤ Here's to another great year in a fabulous home!!! xo JC

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