One Way to Store Your Necklaces

So I know that it has been a few weeks since I have posted anything, but sometimes you just need a break from things.   But don’t worry, I haven’t stopped doing projects.  I have tons of projects to post.

Let’s start with one of the more simple projects that I have done in the last few weeks.  This project is so simple that all it takes is a quick trip to the store and about 20 minutes.

If any of you are like me your necklaces are one giant, tangled, mess.  Now it is just recently that I have started wearing jewelry on a regular basis.  Growing up I was a pretty big tom boy and it wasn’t until I got a real adult job that I decided I should up my wardrobe a bit and add jewelry to the mix.  There was just one problem.  I needed a good way to store and organize all of my necklaces.  Now there are several ideas all over the internet, but this is the one I decided on.

Necklace Board 001

I used a cork memo board that I found at Hobby Lobby and pushpins that I picked up from Target.  I laid the board down on the floor and placed the necklaces out on the board until I found the perfect arrangement.  Once I did this I hung all of the necklaces using the pushpins.  Then the necklaces can be taken on and off when needed.  This is not only a great way to organize your jewelry, but it also creates the perfect way to display them.


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