Mirror, Mirror

This week’s project was a last minute one that I decided to do this afternoon.  It was just such a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I was itching to find a project that I could work on outdoors.  Looking around my workshop outside, I saw an old mirror that my mom had bought me a few months back.

Mirror 018

I have been looking for a mirror to go over the table  in my entrance way and this looked like the perfect fit.

I started by sanding down the frame so that the paint would stick better.  Now it seems like every project I do, something has to be sanded.  Problem is I hate sanding.  It is so time consuming and by the end of it, I usually get one pretty good arm workout. But sanding is a necessity that must be done.

Mirror 016

Once I finished sanding the frame, I taped off the mirror portion so that I wouldn’t get paint on it.  Taping does take a little extra time, but it allows for faster painting and the lines are much better.

Mirror 014

I decided to paint the frame using a light French grey.  I used a matte finish paint because that is what I had stored away in my craft closet.  A gloss paint might have given the mirror a little bit more pop.

Mirror 009

For a minute, I though about painting the inside of the frame a different color, but decided against it.

Mirror 005

Mirror 004

Next I decided to add some accent color to the frame by painting the edges with a darker grey.  I taped the frame off the speed up the painting.

Mirror 003

Mirror 002

Finally, I removed the tape and got ready to hang the mirror.  Since the mirror is so heavy, I decided to wait to hang it until I get some help.

Mirror 020

I am not so sure how I feel about the mirror itself, but I definitely need something above the table.  I think I will live with it for awhile and see how like it.

Mirror 019


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