Painting the Step Stool

Last week I shared with you the step stool that I had made.  Next I am going to show you the techniques I used to paint it.

Step Stool 006

I used a two step system when painting/staining the step stool.  I started first with a layer of stain and then added a layer of watered down paint.  I made the watered down paint by mixing together equal parts paint and water in a throw away container.

Step Stool 025

I always start by trying out different combinations on some scrap wood before starting on my finished piece.  This way if I end up not liking the color on the wood, it is not a big deal and I haven’t messed anything up.

Step Stool 024

I added the first layer of stain staring with the inside of the stool.  It is a lot easier to start with the inside first and then work your way to the outside on the piece.  For this one, I used MinWax Early American 230.

Step Stool 023

I also use an old rag to put the stain on instead of a brush.  I think it is easier this way to get more uniform coverage.

Step Stool 020

The stool looked great with just the stain.  I came close to leaving it this way but I wanted to it to stand out so add some color to it.

Step Stool 018

Next I applied a thin layer of the watered down paint mixture using a paint brush.  Ironically the paint color that I used is called Watery. (It was just left over from when I had my house painted.)  Again I started on the inside and worked my way out occasionally wiping off places with excess paint.

Step Stool 014

Here is the completed step stool.  The finish gives it a cool rustic look and makes the stool look like it has been in my kitchen for years.  I know that it seems pointless to stain the stool first and then paint it, but the stain does show through and gives the stool the darker, more rustic tone for which I was going.  Now that this one is done, I can’t wait to get started on my next project. (Hint: It’s going to be a bookshelf!)

Step Stool 008


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