Stepping it Up

You are either going to think I am a genius or absolutely crazy, but I have decided that my new hobby is going to be wood working.  It is most likely the latter since I have only used power tools a few times in my life.  It’s not like I took a wood shop class in high school or anything.  There is really no reason why I thought that I could do this, but I am an engineer so I know I will be able to figure things out…eventually.

So I am sure y’all are all wondering why I decided to start building my own furniture.  Awhile back, my mom set me a link to Ana White’s website.  Ana White is a mom in Alaska that one day decided that she could build Pottery Barn furniture cheaper than buying it and having it shipped to Alaska.  She then decided to post all of her building plans on her blog.  These plans are simple and easy to follow.  She also posts tips and tricks on how to do different skills.  After looking through the website, I decided that I could do it too.  The only problem was finding a space to do my projects and some tools.

Once I bought my house, I had the perfect place to make my workshop.  My huge detached  garage.  Next my dad gave me one of his old circular saws and my grandfather gave me several of his old tools as well.  Now I was ready to start building. (Well after several trips to the hardware store as well.)

This step stool was my first project and I am quite proud of it.  I followed Ana White’s plan for the Vintage X Back Step Stool End Table.  I did not make any adjustments to the plans, but she does leave out the two back legs in the cut list.  They are 1×4’s and 22 5/8″ each.  (You can just imagine how long it took me to figure this out.)

I started by cutting and sanding each piece before I put them together.  Once this was done, I began by gluing and nailing on the supports for the steps.  Then I began to glue and nail on each step.

Step Stool 005

After those two steps, you are pretty much home free.  Although, assembling the step stool was trickier than I thought it would be.  Everything had to be lined up just right or the stool will wobble.

Step Stool 003

Step Stool 002

I finished the stool by adding the X on the back and covering up my nail holes with wood putty.

Step Stool 006

I cannot tell you just how proud I am of my stool.  It took me probably about a month working on the weekends and occasionally at night to finish the stool.  There was a lot of learning that went into this project.  I learned how to use a circular saw and how to assemble a sturdy piece.

Check back next week to see how I painted it.


4 thoughts on “Stepping it Up

  1. You are awesome! And that stool is awesome! I spent a lot of time looking through Ana White’s site a while back and decided that I could do it too and wanted to, but like you did not have the space or tools…maybe some day.

    • You are too sweet. It has definitely been an adventure learning how to make furniture. You are more than welcome to come and visit one weekend and borrow my space and tools.

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