Don’t Wine About Recycling

I’ll admit it, I am not the best about remembering to recycle and I am definitely not a tree hugging hippie that is out to reuse/recycle every piece of trash in the world.  (Not that there is anything wrong with that.)  But I do like to try and reuse things in creative ways.

This project idea came from empty wine bottle laying around my house and the desire to have a cute set of candle holders.

See how I made them below…

1. Soaked the wine bottles in warm water and then peeled of the labels.  Use a razor if the label is being difficult.

Wine Bottle 015

2. Use Wite-Out Tape to  make a design on the bottles.  Make sure the tape is pressed down well so that paint does not get underneath the tape and the lines are crisp.

Wine Bottle 014

3. Use acrylic paint to paint the bottles.  It usually only takes one coat but for bolder colors use two.

Wine Bottle 011

4. After the paint has dried, peel off the tape.

Wine Bottle 006

5. Add candles and Voila!  You have a pair of homemade candle holders for your table.

Wine Bottle 005

You can even make a set for every season.  Here is another set that I made earlier this year.

Wine Bottle 018

Wine Bottle 003 Wine Bottle 019

Come up with your own designs and share them below.  There are countless possibilities!

Check our my Christmas version here!


The Scrap Bin


The Scrap Bin is a thrift store for crafts.  People donate there old craft supplies and other recycled products and The Scrap Bin sells them for really cheap.  (I usually make it out for under $10).

This is an amazing concept that I have not seen anywhere else.  Their whole mission is to encourage the use of recycled materials and to provide craft supplies for less.

It is just so much fun to go and rummage around the store finding anythings from tiles left over from a remodel to your typical art supplies like crayons and buttons.  Plus since they run on donations, they have a little bit of everything and you never know what you are going to find.

So if you live in the West Georgia area, check out The Scrap Bin in Carrollton.